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Publish on 04-29-2021
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Username: Cosmit
Country: Holland
325.00 €


Geographical origin:Asia
Material: Bronze (gold-plated / silver-plated / patinated).
Period: Second half of the 20th century
Neko-te / Tekagi-Shuko Claws Tiger Hands
Condition: In good condition
Material: Metal
Pair of Neko-te/Tekagi-Shuko (Cat or Tiger) hands. The name given to various constructions made in or on the hand, with sharp blades or pins sticking out. Some of these original Neko-te, which are shaped as metal gloves, stand up from the metal plate on the back of the hand. They are used as weapons and inflict minor injuries when required, while the long claw-shaped tips of the fingers were used to penetrate arteries and other vital areas.

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