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Eigen Haard Tjeenk Willink

Region/ country : Mexico Material : Earthenware Condition : Fine Century/ Timeframe : Ca. 550 to [...]

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 164 cm long x 142 cm. (in tube) wide with lots of animalisti[...]

Niemand is onsterfelijk Simone de Beauvoir. In dit boek, naar de vorm een historische roman, s[...]

" SOLD " This nice Sumatran Minangkabu House compleet with mosk and minaret, rice house, signal ho[...]

"SOLD" Old Complete Wajang Puppet collection from Jogjakarta around 1850. This is a part out from t[...]

Penai Sumatra Greneng, A very rare example of a short sword of penai of northern Sumatra in origin[...]

Oil Painting on Canvas Flower Still life size 120 x 60 cm. signed by artist.

A good example of a side weapon called the sewah which is widely used in the central and northern Su[...]

Two nice Chinese brass vases with dragons. h 26 cm w 13 cm

Jogja Keris 312 Indie Indonesie Nice old Jogja keris first part 20e century. Very nice pamor and[...]

Jogja Keris 318 Indie Indonesie Nice old Jogja keris first part 20e century. Very nice blade wit[...]

4 x Rotterdamsche Lloyd menu cards, DMS Dempo Indie / Holland. Paintings of Dayak, Batak, Papua and[...]

Very old human skull Asmat New Guinea Ancestor skulls are collected and venerated to remember dec[...]

5 Antique Oil Paintings from Java These paintings are all painted by the same painter, S Endarja[...]

A Dutch and Indonesian Klewang A well preserved and original Hembrug Klewang, and an Indonesian mad[...]

Titel: Sporen van een slag, Schrijver: H. Jonker De Slag bij Verdun in 1916 is de grootste en l[...]

"SOLD" Old Complete Wajang Puppet collection from Jogjakarta around 1850. This is a part out from t[...]

SOLD !! Bali Keris 849 Indie Indonesie Very nice and in mint codition. Perfect details and stunni[...]

Old Djogja Java Silver pendant with container for amulet Size is 4 cm

Large Turtle Shell A good large specimen of a 19th Century Turtle Shell. This shell is in excelle[...]

Mould-made hollow figurine head, wearing an ornamented head bandage modelled separately. La Tolita[...]

Oil painting by W.v.d.Does Woman on the way to the market. Size painting: 52 x 42 cm. Incl.fram[...]

Oilpainting from Indonesia Dancing Barong. Painting is signed but we don't know the painter. Mi[...]

"SOLD" Old Complete Wajang Puppet collection from Jogjakarta around 1850. This is a part out from t[...]

Skull Buru Babirusa Indonesia, from the rainforrest in Celebes High quality one on one replica of[...]

"VERKOCHT" Mooie grote degelijke onbeschadigde locker, hoog model 6 deuren op pootjes. Binnenkant [...]

SOLD ! Madura Keris 841 Indie Indonesie Old keris first part of 20e century, brought into Holland[...]

Antique Betel Nut Cutter Handle from Indonesia This is the handle, or hilt, to a betel nut cutter/cr[...]

SOLD !! Two beautiful landscapes of Java Both paintings signed by A. Basyr and are framed in a [...]

Sican, drum player Ca. 800 -1250 AD. 14 x 7 x 7cm A fine, figural vessel in form of a seated drum[...]

Mijn Aquarium Verkade album

Bali Keris Handle Wood Origin: Indonesia, Bali Material: Wood Size: ± 7 cm (height) Thi[...]

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 223 cm long x 117 cm. wide with lots of animalistic represen[...]

Early Podang with amulet basket North east primitive old Batak sword with amulet basket like the [...]

Beautifull Chinees juwelrybox/cabinet Nice with floral and bird motives Everything is complet[...]

Abwehr III F door H.J. Giskes De Duitse contraspionage in Nederland (tijdens de tweede wereldoorlog[...]

Superb quality, early 20th century, Indonesian Garuda. DETAILS: This sculpture of a Big Garuda [...]

SOLD Madura Keris Handle 5 Origin: Indonesia, Madura Material: Wood Size: ± 9 cm (heig[...]

Fabric stretched over lightweight frame. Hand built, 600 glued joints. Dramatic and historical. Gold[...]

4x Tombak blades and sheets from Java