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" SOLD" African Ivory sculpture female with two children. 23 cm high.

The 1930s saw the rise of hand built model racecars, known as spindizzies or tether cars. Miniature [...]

"SOLD" Old Complete Wajang Puppet collection from Jogjakarta around 1850. This is a part out from t[...]

Dit bijzondere en zware werk stond in Solo in een oude loods. Het is een antiek Batik schilderij v[...]

" VERKOCHT / SOLD " Oude Verroeste Lockerkast dubbeldeurs uit oude mijn in DDR Was ooit licht gri[...]

Oil Painting on Canvas Seascape size 64 x 52 cm signed by artist.

Celebes Keris 911 Indie Indonesie

Nice old oil painting of a jungle view in Indonesia 100 years ago. With bamboo bridge and flamboyan[...]

Madura Keris 835 Indie Indonesie Very old keris second part of 19e century, The blade has pamor bu[...]

Aandeel Amstel Brouwerij Aandeel groot f 100, Amsterdam 1966. Decoratief. Voorzien van het rood/[...]

Asmat quiver with arrows from New Guinea with 6 arrows, Material is hardened leather and some wi[...]

Nice 'heavy' metal sign train industrial (warning) sign. Size: 150 x 30 cm

3x keris blade Java price per piece

Pre Columbian Moche/Chimu Figural Vessel Blackware, Bulky figure, big breasts. flared mouth. [...]

Mid Java Keris Handle 24 Origin: Indonesia, Yogjakarta Material: Wood Size: ± 8 cm (heigh[...]

Bali Polychrome Female Figure DETAILS: Statue from Bali last part 19th century. CONDITION: [...]

Te koop een oud dubbelloops jachtgeweer. In originele, werkende staat. Gemaakt door Lucien Gir[...]

Zeewater Aquarium en Rerrarium Verkade album

Essential from the history : The cars are about 12-24 inches ( 30-61 cm) long and ride on rubber ti[...]

Small Jogja Keris 831 Indie Indonesie. 30 cm Very old keris first part of 20e century, The blade [...]

A Javanese Golok Golok stands for a large variety of machetes of Indonesia Status: For Sale [...]

Nice print on canvas Classic style. 84 x 54 cm[...]

Solo Keris 304 Indie Indonesie Nice old Jogja keris first part 20e century. Very nice straight b[...]

Region/ country : Peru Material : Earthenware Condition : [...]

Titel: Van Warschau tot Hirosjima. Deel I: De triomfen der agressie, Auteur: Wilson, J.J.C.P. Boe[...]

2 Chinese bronze plates. Diameter 25 cm.

Status: For Sale Reference#: DEI0326 Condition: Excelent Year: 1875 Country: Indonesia [...]

Nice Old Belt Buckle and holder from Java It is made from iron with floral motives and inlaid wi[...]

Jogja Keris 322 Indie Indonesie Nice old Jogja keris first part 20e century. Very nice Pamor but[...]

Een olieverf schilderij op paneel van A van Ravenswaay, zus van Johannes en nicht van Jan van Raven[...]

Celebes Keris 998 Indie Indonesie

Pre-Columbian Head - Earthenware - Tumaco La-Tolita - Ecuador Ancient Pre Columbian anthropomorph[...]

Een Uitverkoren Vat


Celebes, Sulawesi, non-CITES species. A Moving Leaf insect pair, Phyllium celebicum, male and fem[...]

" VERKOCHT " Mooi vintage look houten kastje grijs van kleur. Maat is h. 80 cm b. 80 cm d. 53 cm

A complete rack/stand with Tombaks from Java With 6 pikes of 250 cm and 3 smaller ones. If you[...]

" SOLD " A set of 4 Monkey Skulls from Borneo Indonesia 80 euro a piece

Nice 'heavy' metal sign train industrial (warning) sign. Size: 100 x 45 cm

H. Laxness - Saka Valka Vertaald door M. Otten Sigurlina droomt van een beter leven in Reykjav[...]

Kleurenvlucht de wereld van boven. Douwe Egbert album

Nice oil painting An eminent Woman from Java size painting: 41 x 56 cm incl. frame different s[...]