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350.00 €

Bali Book stand Bird Figure Art deco. DETAILS: Statue from Bali first part of 20th century. C[...]

850.00 €

Very nice set Old Indo Persian Mughal Kulah Khud Helmet with, Axe: Engraved 69 cm Shield: Engrave[...]

950.00 €

A nice traditional nature (rice field) view on Java painted by Sudjono Abdullah the brother of the w[...]

128.00 €

Technically skilled enthusiasts of the 1930s loved to race the legendary B.B. Korn cars around the c[...]

250.00 €

Oil painting by W.v.d.Does Woman on the way to the market. Size painting: 52 x 42 cm. Incl.fram[...]

125.00 €

Java Dagger Golok 43 cm long pamor blade 32 cm

125.00 €

Antique Betel Nut Cutter Handle from Indonesia This is the handle, or hilt, to a betel nut cutter/cr[...]

45.00 €

Oil Painting on Canvas Fruit Still life size ± 60 x 51 cm. signed by artist.

100.00 €

Oil painting of old Chinese door. We don't know how old this is, the canvas looks old. size 51 x 61[...]

275.00 €

La Lumiere des Mathematiques Very nice and old handbook of Jean Beaulieu ingenieur et professeur e[...]

250.00 €

A very good and rare example of a small side weapon called the badek from the central Sumatran regio[...]

175.00 €

Indonesian Siri Set 13 cm high

225.00 €

A very good example of a short broad sword called golok from the Sumatran regions. Handle is made fr[...]

350.00 €

A early replica of Wheellock Pistol CONDITION: excellent. MEASUREMENTS: overall length: 61 cm (25[...]

275.00 €

Beautiful nude woman from Bali Oil on canvas. Artist unknown and size is 50 x 58 cm.

225.00 €

Java Parang with Dutch Influence Size: 72 cm long blade 56 cm

715.00 €

Most definitely it’s the size. It’s BIG. Built with an interesting array of materials. Lightweig[...]

1 250.00 €

Artist: San Pedro Subject: Traditional market Marks: Signed Material: Oil on canvas Siz[...]

25.00 €

Nice print on canvas Oriental style. 99 x 62 cm

20.00 €

Schrijver: Sosabowski, Stanislaw Titel: Ik vocht voor de vrijheid Taal: Nederlands Uitgever: Sijt[...]

200.00 €

Old Chinese Brass Incense Burner. With dragon and two elephant handles. h 25 cm w 24 cm

30.00 €

"SOLD" Old Complete Wajang Puppet collection from Jogjakarta around 1850. This is a part out from t[...]

50.00 €

Silver salt & pepper set from Java DETAILS: This Salt & pepper set is from Java. CONDITION: go[...]

150.00 €

Nice 'heavy' metal sign metro/ industrial sign. Size: 120 x 35 cm

215.00 €

Our Flight Collection is truly unique. Exquisite models and artifacts of early flight. Hand-built bi[...]

450.00 €

2 oude lockers, enkel gaas model 2 deuren. Binnenkant schoon grijs en hang mogelijkheid, met daartu[...]

175.00 €

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 172 cm long x 114 cm (in tube) wide with lots of animalisti[...]

35.00 €

Picture of Native Indian Woman in jaren 20 lijstje. 26 cm hg. en 25 cm br.

225.00 €


450.00 €

This mandau is used by the Dayaks ethnic groups at Kalimantan Borneo. The parang's sheath is made of[...]

300.00 €

Bali statue Female Figure Shiva DETAILS: Very nice statue from Bali first part of 20th century. [...]

45.00 €

Japanse pop in Kimono 3 Zeer natuurgetrouw gemaakt, maar heeft gebruiksporen. Deze heeft een K[...]

495.00 €

2 oude lockers, enkel gaas model 2 deuren. Binnenkant schoon grijs en hang mogelijkheid, met daartu[...]

15.00 €

Schrijver: Remarque, Erich Maria Titel: De zwarte obelisk (Der Schwarze Obelisk) Taal: Nederlands [...]

5.00 €

Oude Reisgids ANWB no.1 Harz

450.00 €

Antique Chinese Namwood coffer table. 19th century namwood coffer table, circa 1880 A.D. from Zhe[...]