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Mid Java Keris Handle 30 Origin: Indonesia, Yogjakarta Material: Wood Size: ± 9 cm (heigh[...]

Superb quality, early 20th century, Indonesian Garuda. DETAILS: This sculpture of a Big Garuda [...]

A very good and rare example of a small side weapon called the badek from the central Sumatran regio[...]

Chinees metal fighting claws Set of Chinese fight attribute, fits very well The size: 26 x [...]

Solo Keris 830 Indie Indonesie Salo keris 30 cm Nice old keris first part of 20e century, The bl[...]

Twentyfive gulden 1943 The Netherlands

2 Chinese Bronze plates. Diameter 25 cm.

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 176 cm long x 112 cm (in tube) wide with lots of animalistic[...]

S. VESTDIJK - Het vijfde zegel. 429 pagina's Eerste druk: Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Rotterdam (Nederland)[...]

Oil Painting on Canvas Landscape size 65 x 54 cm signed by artist.

Schrijver: Emil Ludwig Titel: Juli '14 Taal: Nederlands Uitgever: Van Loghum Slaterus - Arnhem B[...]

Status: For Sale Reference#: DEI0322 Condition: Excelent Year: 1905 Country: Indonesia [...]

Betel Cutter Brass Indie Java

Jogja Keris 302 Indie Indonesie Nice old Jogja keris first part 20e century. Very nice straight [...]

" SOLD " Mandau is used by the Dayaks ethnic groups at Kalimantan Borneo. The parang's sheath is ma[...]

Very nice old silver juwelry set from Djogja Java This set has two earrings and a brooch are made[...]

Status: For Sale Reference#: DEI0326 Condition: Excelent Year: 1875 Country: Indonesia [...]

Java Dagger Golok Size:

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 125 cm long x 19 cm wide with lots of animalistic represen[...]

Een serie van 2 zeefdrukken van "Evolutie" van Viola Holt uit 1992. Maat is 70 x 100 cm Gesigneerd e[...]

Artist: Basuki Bawono Subject: Gadis tertidur lelap Marks: Signed Material: Oil on canvas [...]

Reichsbanknote Hunderttausend Mark 1923 Used condition.

A early replica of Wheellock Pistol CONDITION: excellent. MEASUREMENTS: overall length: 61 cm (25[...]

Very old Antique carving from Hindu culture This carving is made in the first part of the 19th ce[...]

The 1930s saw the rise of hand built model racecars, known as spindizzies or tether cars. Miniature [...]

Paper One gulden The Netherlands 1949

" SOLD" This Rex model folding chair was designed by Niko Kralj, and produced by the Slovenian fur[...]

Print Native Indian A-MIS Quam A Winnebago Brave. In beautiful passe partout and frame. 41 [...]

A quality Statue of 2 elephants from Bali This statue is detailed and made by a real master. The s[...]

Indonesian Siri Set Oval

5 x Reichsbanknote Hundert Mark 1920

Antique Indo Persian Spear head Antique 18th century Persian double bladed spearhead Mezraq made[...]

Nice 'heavy' metal sign train industrial (warning) sign. Size: 100 x 45 cm

Very beautiful ivory letter opener wit carved elephant and floral ornament. Size x Th[...]

Eigen Haard Tjeenk Willink

2x pendok Java Solo gold keris sheet with floral motives and weapon Kraton logo

"SOLD" Ibanic OLD Parang Mandau Kaliamntan Dayak Borneo This OLD Top parang is used by the Dayak [...]

North Java Keris Handle 37 Origin: Indonesia, Cirebon Material: Wood Size: ± 9 cm (height[...]

Titel Van Dolle Dinsdag tot Bevrijding : ons langste oorlogsjaar Auteur Ch. Whiting en W. Trees Ui[...]

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 115 cm long x 45 cm wide with lots of animalistic represen[...]

Bali statue Female Figure Shiva DETAILS: Very nice statue from Bali first part of 20th century. [...]

Tropical areas, non-CITES species. The Long-legged Katydid Grasshopper, Mecopoda species, in a [...]