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295.00 €

Celebes Keris 911 Indie Indonesie

195.00 €

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 102 cm long x 56 cm wide with lots of animalistic represent[...]

1 250.00 €

Oilpainting from Indonesia Dancing Barong. Painting is signed but we don't know the painter. Mi[...]

50.00 €

Madura Keris Handle 1 Origin: Indonesia, Madura Material: Wood Size: ± 9 cm (height) T[...]

250.00 €

Jogja Keris 320 Indie Indonesie Nice old Jogja keris first part 20e century. Very nice 11 luk b[...]

175.00 €

Nice statue of a Leguaan sitting on a rock. made of unknown material, I suppose syntatic material. [...]

350.00 €

" SOLD " Bali Garuda Statue. DETAILS: Statue from Bali mid 20th century. CONDITION: very good:[...]

275.00 €

Nice traditional Bali painting Complete size: 35 x 41 cm. NL incl. frame different shipping price[...]

75.00 €

Keris Hilt Sulawesi

100.00 €

Chineese brass vases with dragon. h 27 cm w 15 cm

250.00 €

Nice Carved statue of Indian woman with child in ivory Size .. cm x .. cm This statue is from t[...]

175.00 €

Mid Java Keris Handle 26 Origin: Indonesia, Yogjakarta Material: Bone Size: ± 9 cm (heigh[...]

950.00 €

Superb quality, a pair of French Blunderbuss-Pistols A very scarce pair of French Blunderbuss-Pis[...]

395.00 €

Madura Keris 843 Indie Indonesie Old keris first part of 20e century, The blade has a beautifull p[...]

50.00 €

North Java Keris Handle 1 Origin: Indonesia, Cirebon Material: Wood Size: ± 9 cm (height[...]

25.00 €

Der Vaderen Erf

175.00 €

SOLD Old German Hunting Dagger Hilt with brass with antler Sheath is leather and brass with acorn[...]

295.00 €

Status: SOLD Reference#: DEI0315 Condition: Excelent Year: 1875 Country: Indonesia Ma[...]

225.00 €

Indonesian Siri Set 22 cm high

150.00 €

Oude jaren 20 Slaapkamer of spiegelkast Ovale spiegel is nieuw Met 2 lades onderin. De maat is[...]

375.00 €

Status: For Sale Reference#: DEI0314 Condition: Excelent Year: 1875 Country: Indonesia [...]

295.00 €

Celebes Keris 918 Indie Indonesie

750.00 €

Bali Statue Ramayana with two Female Figures DETAILS: Statue from Bali first part 20th century[...]

275.00 €

Big oil painting of A nice nude Indonesian woman painted by Surachman Size is 134 x 57 cm

17 000.00 €

Artist: S.Sudjojono Subject: Bunga anggrek Marks: Signed Material: Oil on canvas Size: [...]

75.00 €

De fabelen van La Fontaine door Ten Cate en G Dore

1 250.00 €

Characteristic Affandi drawing style: Title: "Kereta Tebu" ("Sugarcane train") Media: Chine[...]

27.50 €

H.J.E. Van Der Kop - Neem Het Over. Belevenissen van het Nederlandse vliegtuigsquadron 320 tijdens [...]

25.00 €

Naar de West Douwe Egberts Album

5.50 €

One gulden The Netherlands 1943

12.00 €

3 x Reichsbanknote Tausend Mark 1910 used and good condition.

50.00 €

Pair of Mexican Vases 28 cm high

175.00 €

Sumatra Rencong Size: 33 cm long blade 18 cm handle and scabbard wood

15.00 €

Richelieu xxxxx

75.00 €

Keris Hilt Sulawesi

35.00 €

Oil Painting on Canvas Seascape size 64 x 52 cm signed by artist.

20.00 €

3 x German Reichsbanknote Zwanzig Mark 1914, Funf Reichsmark, Funfzig Mark 1914. Used and go[...]

610.00 €

The Jaguar XK120 ruled the road; Doris Day and Cary Grant were Oscar nominated. It was a time of pea[...]

195.00 €

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 220 cm long x 100 cm wide with lots of animalistic represen[...]

175.00 €

Nice Old Belt Buckle and holder from Java It is made from iron with floral motives and inlaid wi[...]

7 500.00 €

A fine set of five brass ceremonial spears each with different and unusually elaborate symbolic spea[...]

110.00 €

Nice old original Badak from Sulawesi. it is 28.5 cm long and has a little crack in the handle. T[...]