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Fraaie oude Hollandse boekenkist, of documenten, maat 60 x 40 x 34 cm.

Status: For Sale Reference#: DEI0326 Condition: Excelent Year: 1875 Country: Indonesia [...]

Indonesian Smoke Set Brass

Keris Hilt Sulawesi/Celebes

ALFRED J. A. VAN NESTE (1874 - 1969) Geboren in 1874 in Brugge. Overleden in 1969 in Brussel. [...]

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 149 cm long x 120 cm. (in tube) wide with lots of animalisti[...]

Bali Keris 846 Indie Indonesie This keris is of first part of 20e century is 57 cm. The old blade [...]

Very heavy Chinees can and 6 beakers A Beautifull combination of bronze and pewter. The can is 3[...]

Chinese bronze display plate with nice bone decorations in middle, surrounded by dragons diamete[...]

Grote vooroorlogse kleding kast met twee geslepen spiegels welke zijn vervangen door glas om te dien[...]

"SOLD " A wonderful large antique Chinese celadon plate. Interior decorated with character mark in [...]

Print van WG Hofker uit 1958 in orginele goudkleurige lijst. 22 x 17 cm. Uit Amsterdamse serie , D[...]

Willem Gerard Hofker (DUTCH, 1902-1981) Bali - KPM Twelve prints after pastels by the artist iss[...]

Schrijver: Irving, David J. Titel: Poel van vuur Uitgever: 1963 Hoorn, hardcover met papieromslag [...]

Nice 'heavy' metal sign train industrial (warning) sign. Size: 40 x 20 cm

Bali statue Female Figure posing with a Naga DETAILS: Very nice statue from Bali first part of 2[...]

Oil Painting on Canvas Seascape size 64 x 52 cm signed by artist.

Nice 'heavy' metal sign train industrial (warning) sign. Size: 150 x 30 cm

Antique Indian Battleaxe Bullova Iron head of deep moustache form (28 cm). tapered bolster and fa[...]

Geschiedenis van de eerste wereldoorlog in foto's en documenten. Uitgave jaar: 1968 5 delen, comp[...]

Mexican Ceramic Pot and Bottle with ears and rings Pot 28,5 and Bottle 30,5 cm

Abwehr III F door H.J. Giskes De Duitse contraspionage in Nederland (tijdens de tweede wereldoorlog[...]

Bali Keris Handle Antler Deer Origin: Indonesia, Bali Material: Antler Size: ± 9 cm (heigh[...]

Gorgeous and elegant Louis XVI Corbeille settee, sofa and 4 chairs. This beautiful set is dated[...]

Mid Java Keris Handle 12 Origin: Indonesia, Yogjakarta Material: Wood Size: ± 8 cm (heigh[...]

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 125 cm long x 19 cm wide with lots of animalistic represen[...]

"SOLD" !! Beautiful 18 K golden Keris from Bali The sheath is made of 18K gold tilled in floral [...]

A good example of a side weapon called the sewah which is widely used in the central and northern Su[...]

Een serie van 3 zeefdrukken "Culinair" van Viola Holt uit 1992. Maat is 70 x 100 cm Gesigneerd en ge[...]

Wie Wat Waar? Jaarboek 1944 Taal: Nederlands Uitgever: A.W. Sijthoff's Uitgeversmaatschappij N.V.,[...]

A very good and rare example of a small side weapon called the badek from the central Sumatran regio[...]

Old brass candleholder 21 cm high.


The legendary workhorse of the skies during the 1930-50s.Some are still flying in far-flung places l[...]

Antique elegant 19th century Louis XVI Corbeille living room set Beautifully shaped with decorati[...]

Vintage metalen gereedschapskist uit leger (NSN) kleur legergroen, binnenkant als nieuw. maat 58 cm[...]

Status: Sold Reference#: DEI0313 Condition: Excelent Year: 1880 Country: Indonesia Ma[...]

Very big in mint condition keris. One of the first what they call "souvenir" keris, special made for[...]

Bali Keris Handle Wood Origin: Indonesia, Bali Material: Wood Size: ± 9 cm (height) This[...]

Romantic print on Canvas 84 x 57 cm

ALFRED J. A. VAN NESTE (1874 - 1969) Geboren in 1874 in Brugge. Overleden in 1969 in Brussel. [...]

"VERKOCHT" Japanse pop in Kimono 3 Zeer natuurgetrouw gemaakt, maar heeft gebruiksporen. Deze[...]